Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we have answers

Below we have tried to pull together a list of questions most grant seekers have asked. If you don't see your question. never fear. Just click into the chat box on the right hand side below and we will attempt to answer your question. Then, if your question is "curious" enough it may be added to the list we present below. 

The questions and answers presented below are subject to change at any time, without notice.

How much is the application fee?
How long does the application take to fill out?
How many grants are available monthly?
What happens if the grant money runs out before my application is approved?
I am home bound, a senior citizen or handicap. Do I get special consideration?
Which Internet Service Providers does Synergy Charity work with?
How long does it take to get service?
Is there a co-pay?
How many times can I apply for an Internet Grant?
Can my grant be withdrawn?
How do I get faster speeds?
What type of Internet will I receive?
What is my monthly data allotment?
What does the Internet grant cover?
What is not covered by the Internet Grant?
Will you give me a check for the Internet Grant directly?
How can I apply for an Internet Grant?
If I move, can I take the internet service with me?
I have a question about my service and my bill. Who do I contact?
What if I need to provide a document proving eligibility with my application?
What if I tried to apply online, but I am having problems submitting my application?
What if I want to disconnect the service my grant is assisting me in paying for?
Does my income affect my eligibility for the Internet Assistance Program?
Will I get charged if I go over my data cap?
How long will it take for my grant application to process?
How will I get approved if I am approved or denied?
Can I upgrade to the unlimited plan with a grant?
Can I have IPTV services with internet if i get the grant?