Who We Are

We Are Synergy Charity Services

Synergy Charity Services was established by our founding partner, Synergy Communications, LLC to aid people throughout the United States of America, stay connected. Helping human beings stay productive, and creative is the ingredient we bring to the table. 

Although Synergy Internet is our largest corporate partner,

Synergy Charity Services is a nonprofit, with 501(c)(3) status.

Synergy Charity Services relies on the support of our entire community to help achieve in every area we serve.

We greatly value donations from both the community and other corporate partners.

We Believe

We believe the world needs more fearless approaches to social change, so we take risks on new ideas and approaches, and partner across sectors with people and organizations that share our fervor to engage citizens and change the world for the better, today.

Our Mission

Synergy Charity Services helps people all over the U.S. connect with new opportunities, start a new life, applty for jobs, find new friends and stay in touch, by supplying access to FREE internet.